Our next fundraiser: Paragliding

Dear friends,

after the great success of „Biathlon_4“, we are now officially moving on to our next project „Paragliding“.

(#ParaglidingForS4K on Twitter)

Paragliding is terribly dependent on the weather, but we are aiming to do the challenge on a Saturday or Sunday in April and hope for your support…

As always, anybody is welcome to join our team and jump with us 😀

So please, do click on the events-page for more information and to read about our fabulous conditions. Paragliding For S4K.

Thank You and #Namaste.


Liebe Freunde,

nach dem umwerfenden Erfolg von „Biathlon_4“ widmen wir uns jetzt offiziell unserem nächsten Projekt: „Gleitschirmfliegen“.

(#ParaglidingForS4K auf Twitter)

Gleitschirmfliegen ist natürlich extremst wetterabhängig, aber wir hoffen, diese Herausforderung an einem Samstag oder Sonntag im April hinter uns zu bringen, und bitten Euch um Eure Unterstützung.

Und wie bei allen unseren Events kann wieder jeder aktiv teilnehmen und mit uns fliegen 😀

Bitte schaut unbedingt auf der Event-Seite vorbei, denn die Konditionen sind wirklich toll: Paragliding For S4K.

Danke und #Namaste

Thank YOU for CAD 1000 for S4K

Here we go, the Grand Total of „Biathlon For S4K_4“:

CAD 1000

Thanks to all participants, sponsors and supporters for supporting „Children in Crisis“.

We are terribly, terribly grateful!

Much Love and Light 🍀🌞❤

Please stay tuned for updates on our next fundraiser „Paragliding for S4K“.




Hier kommt es, das Gesamtergebnis von „Biathlon For S4K_4“:

CAD 1000

Wir danken allen Teilnehmern, Sponsoren und Freunden.

Wir sind einfach nur schrecklich, schrecklich gerührt und dankbar!

Alles, alles Liebe 🍀🌞❤

Bald gibt es Neuigkeiten zu unserem nächsten Event „Paragliding for S4K“.

Biathlon for S4K_4 – A full Success!

Dear friends!

We are happy and proud we all survived last weekend’s #BiathlonForS4K_4.

And we are terribly grateful to all participants and our wonderful onsite cheerleaders for spending the entire weekend together to raise money for the good cause! #TeamS4K

A huge Thank You goes to Rainer and the entire team of Nordic Schule Notschrei for teaming up once more to support „Sanctuary for Kids“ and we are already looking forward to the next team-up event!

And another huge Thank You to Bernadette and Roger from Hotel Gersbacher Hof.

We hope you have fun checking out our photos and videos 😀

If you do, why not consider sponsoring us to help us make a change for kids in need?

Sponsoring is easy: We can be sponsored until February 12th / 19:45 local time, as we will announce the Grand Total at 20:00. Please donate via Sanctuary for Kids (Donate), selecting “Biathlon 4” as “Designated Fund” and sending a copy of your PayPal-receipt to „ActionForS4K@gmail.com“, so we can count your donation.

Thank You and #Namaste


Wir sind froh und stolz, das alle #BiathlonForS4K_4 unbeschadet überstanden haben 😀

Und wir sind allen Teilnehmern und Cheerleadern unglaublich dankbar für das gemeinsame Wochenende, um Kindern zu helfen! Mensch, was hatten wir wieder eine Menge Spaß!

Ein besonderes Dankeschön gilt natürlich Rainer und dem gesamten Team der Nordic Schule Notschrei. Ihr seid einfach Spitze! Danke, das Ihr uns wieder unterstützt habt, wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf den nächsten gemeinsamen Event!

Und natürlich auch Herzlichen Dank an Bernadette und Roger vom Hotel Gersbacher Hof.

Jetzt wünsche wir Euch aber erstmal viel Spaß beim Durchstöbern unserer Fotos und Videos 😀

Es wäre schön, wenn Ihr Euch dafür entscheidet, uns zu sponsern…

Es ist ganz einfach: Noch bis zum 12.02. / 19:45 könnt Ihr direkt über Sanctuary for Kids (Donate) online spenden. Wählt „Biathlon 4“ als „Designated Fund“ und schickt bitte eine Kopie der PayPal Bestätigung an „ActionForS4K@gmail.com“; denn nur so können wir Eure Spende mitzählen. Das Gesamtergebnis veröffentlichen wir am 12.02. um 20:00.

Vielen Dank und #Namaste


Meet the Team of Biathlon For S4K_4

WOW! We are really happy and proud as this year a group of 14(!) friends will make their way to the Black Forest to raise money for our favourite charity „Sanctuary for Kids“. That means we doubled in participants 😀.

Please click here for more information on this fundraiser and on how you can help us make a change for kids in need: „Biathlon For S4K_4“


WOW! Wir sind total happy und stolz: In diesem Jahr treten 14(!) Freunde die Reise in den Schwarzwald an, um Geld für „Sanctuary for Kids“ zu sammeln! Wir haben unsere Teilnehmerzahl verdoppelt! 😀

Bitte klickt hier für mehr Infos zum Fundraiser und um herauszufinden, wie ihr uns helfen könnt Kids in Not zu unterstützen: „Biathlon For S4K_4“

Please meet #TeamS4K / Wir präsentieren #TeamS4K:





2016 – A Personal Resumé

2016 – A personal resumé:

Another year has gone by… Phew! And once again you have the feeling: Why on earth does it feel as if time goes by faster with every single season that passes?

We started “Action for S4K!“ 4 years ago and with every passing year we built new friendships, found new partners, became more outgoing and gained self-confidence.

So let’s look back at some of the 2016 “Action” highlights:

Biathlon For S4K_3:

In late January 2016 it was time for the 3rd edition of our “Biathlon”. Once again “Nordic Schule Notschrei“ offered us a great deal and the “Hotel Gersbacher Hof” supported us by donating part of their profits! Thank You! Because of weather-warnings we were forced to cancel day two of the event, but the skiing-school managed to squeeze in the shooting into day 1! So we did not lose a challenge, but were even more active on day one! #TwoInOne earning CAD 1078 for the kids. Let’s hope for snow and good weather for early February 2017!

New Jersey and Ontario:

In early summer we spent 2,5 weeks in New Jersey and Ontario. Whilst staying with very dear family-friends in the US, we had the chance to visit our online friend (and my (Bea’s) swimming-coach) Elaine for the first time! We had such a great time together. So much fun, so many great talks and Elaine surprised us with the most amazing idea ever: She created little glass bottles with our logo, to be sold in aid of S4K. We were so moved and nearly in tears… By now these bottles have turned into a real hit and gave us the idea for the “Action Bottle Club”, an ongoing fundraiser, that can be found on our website. And thank you Elaine for the most precious and personal gift that was ever given to me!

In Ontario we experienced so much love and hospitality it was mind-blowing: Thank You to Kim, Kim’s family and friends! We will never forget all of our road-trips, the Canadian barbecue, my first attempt to prepare a potato salad (thanks for pretending it was good)… and the Black Flies. Please take us back!

And Thank You to Tina Marie and Kyra for driving all the way up from Rochester to meet us for dinner in Niagara Falls!

Splashdiving For S4K:

This was quite an experience. In spring 2016 Oliver, the head of splashdiving.com was a guest on the show I was working on. During a phonecall he told me that he had just returned from India, where he is supporting a social project. We started to talk about charity work and I told him about “S4K” and our fundraisers. We agreed that we needed to talk about ideas once we meet in person. After we wrapped the show Oliver approached me with a surprising offer: He invited us to participate in the “Splashdiving World Championship 2016” to promote “Sanctuary for Kids”. After some time to think, a few calls and emails we agreed and signed-up! 6 crazy girls from all over Germany and Switzerland were about to do “pool-bombing” for the good cause! The result: “Perfect” full-team-3-meter – jumps! Two 5-meter-jumps! And two 10-meter-jumps… and massive bruising: #AllForTheKids and earning CAD 1043 for “Sanctuary for Kids” and a 4 – minute TV-coverage. Two days after the event we were invited back for 2017; and believe us: WE WILL PRACTISE!

The Maltese Challenge:

In October we were back in Malta, once again teaming up with “Gozo-Adventures” for another fundraiser. We had unexpected help in promoting our fundraiser by “Meridiana Wine Estate” and our wonderful hotel, “The Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa” who featured us and the event on their homepage and on their Social Media sites. “Gozo Adventures” were amazing and surprised us by changing the challenge from “Upseiling” to “Climbing” as they thought it to be more demanding… But this day of challenges was worth every bit of sweat… It was amazing and snorkeling next to the “Azure Window” was purely outstanding! Especially having in mind that the Azure Window was the setting for some of the scenes in season one of “Game of Thrones”. This location has NOW been closed for snorkeling, so we had been more than lucky in October. Thank You Natascha for coming with us and your great company! #AllForTheKids, the #MalteseChallenge made CAD 581 for “S4K”. We can’t wait to be back in Malta / Gozo for more!

Mefistofele in Munich:

In early November we celebrated my (Bea) Mum’s 75th birthday by taking her to see a – truly breathtaking – performance of „Mefistofele“ at the Staatsoper München. This alone would not justify an entry into this resumé but we were also given the chance to meet up with Joseph Calleja (@MalteseTenor) who is Mum’s favourite opera singer AND who had been following us on Twitter and sharing our events on Facebook ever since our first fundraiser in Malta! A huge Thank You to our wonderful friend Rose for making the first contact and to Joseph for agreeing to participate in that surprise! Joseph, we really hope to make it to your 20th anniversary concert in Floriana in August; not only to see you perform but also to support your own charity, supporting kids in Malta.

An Outlook / New ideas / Unforeseen Challenges:

(1) In Autumn I stumbled across a TV-coverage about Paragliding near Stuttgart. We knew the place, so an idea formed inside our heads… We wrote an email to the sporting-club with links to the “S4K”-website and our own. The result? Only two days later we got a call, telling us that they are more than interested to team up for a fundraiser. #ParaglidingForS4K was born, coming up in Spring.

(2) Every year in October we write an Email to our „Biathlon – Hotel“, to confirm the dates for the next event. This year the answer we received made us freak out a little… The hotel had been sold and the new owners had no idea what we were talking about, but asking us to explain… So we hectically wrote an Email explaining what we had been doing for the past 3 years and that we hoped that they would continue the tradition. Two hours later we had an answer: YES they would love to continue the partnership and they agree to the same conditions! What a relief! Thank You, Roger and Bernadette! Bring on February 2017!

All of these experiences let us look excitedly at what lies ahead in 2017!

What we learned in 2016:

Apart from all the positive experiences we also had to learn to stand up for ourselves and our reasons to support „Sanctuary for Kids“, to explain our motives over and over again but also to deal with jeaulousy and resentment from many sides. We pulled through by taking in the advice of a nearly twelve-year-old kid who kept on telling us: “It’s most important to create your own positive memories and to never give up! It doesn’t matter one bit what others may think of you, as long as you stay true to yourself!”

Our wish for 2017?

That you will all help us to crack the total of CAD 10.000 raised for “Sanctuary for Kids”! – At the moment we stand at more than CAD 9.300 –

With All our Love and Best Wishes for 2017, Bea and Carmen


We spent a very emotional, wonderful, yet also personally challenging weekend in Stockholm.

We met many wonderful old and new friends and Stockholm is a stunningly beautiful city… Looking forward to coming back during summertime 😉

We took many photos 🙂

Some of them are added to our „Just for Fun“ Gallery, whilst our new fundraiser-promo-pics can be found in „Official Photos and Videos“.

Please check all of them out and have fun…



Das Wochenende in Stockholm hatte einfach alles: Es war wunderschön, aber für uns persönlich auch anstrengend und emotional aufreibend.

Wir haben viele alte Freunde wieder getroffen und neue Freunde gewonnen.

Die Stadt selbst ist wirklich unglaublich schön; wir freuen uns aber ehrlich drauf, sie auch mal bei Tageslicht zu erkunden 😉

Wir haben Fotos gemacht 🙂 Einige davon findet Ihr in unserer „Just for Fun“ Galerie, die neuen Fundraiser-Promo-Fotos hingegen in „Official Photos and Videos“.

Viel Spaß beim Stöbern und Entdecken!

4 years of „Action!“ = > CAD 9200 for Kids in Need!

We started “Action for S4K!” in November 2012; we never imagined to raise so much money for „Sanctuary for Kids“.

A huge Thank You to all of our wonderful friends, partners & supporters! You guys ROCK!



Wir haben im November 2012 mit “Action for S4K!” angefangen und hätten uns nicht träumen lassen soviel Geld für “unsere” Kids zu sammeln!

Ein riesiges Dankeschön an alle unsere Freunde, Partner und Unterstützer! Ihr seid ’ne Wucht!



Sneak Peek: NEW 2017 Fundraiser

Terribly excited to announce a new fundraiser: We will be taking off in Spring 2017.

And once again, everyone is invited to participate.

More details can be found on the event’s page: „Paragliding For S4K“

Wir sind total aufgeregt: Im Frühling 2017 heben wir ab!

Und wieder kann Jeder mitmachen.

Weitere Details findet Ihr auf der Event-Seite: „Paragliding For S4K“

„ALL CLEAR“ after Hacking-Attack!

Most of you will have noticed, that this website has not been up-to-date for a few days, and former entries had been missing.

Well, all of this had a very serious and sad reason. We had been specially targeted and attacked, leaving us no option, but to run on a 5 week-old back-up, whilst running current scans…

Last night we finally got the „All Clear“.

We have just finished to upload all of our lost data! Thank you so much for your patience!

We will certainly file charges, should this ever happen again; everyone leaves evidence, even in the #WorldWideWeb!

Viele von Euch werden es bemerkt haben: Unsere Webseite war einige Tage lang nicht „Up-To-Date“ und einige Beiträge haben gefehlt.

Leider hatte dieser Zustand einen sehr ernsten Hintergrund: Wir waren Opfer einer sehr gezielten Hacking-Attacke!

Deshalb waren wir gezwungen, die Webseite über ein ca. 5 Wochen altes Back-Up laufen zu lassen, während konstante Scans liefen.

Gestern Abend kam endlich das „All Clear“.

Und jetzt ist es soweit, wie sind wieder auf dem aktuellen Stand! Vielen Dank für Eure Geduld!

ABER sollte das nochmals passieren, werden wir selbstverständlich Anzeige erstatten, denn so ein gezielter Angriff ist ein Straftatbestand und jeder hinterlässt Spuren, auch im #WorldWideWeb!

UPDATES / Neuigkeiten: BiathlonForS4K_4

After many hectic emails, chats and messages on Friday night, we are really happy to give you all necessary updates on our next fundraiser: #BiathlonForS4K_4

We have a new date, therefore a new logo and even new partners as „our“ hotel has changed owners….

So please check out our event’s page for all details on the new fabulous rates and conditions and on how you can get involved or help us help kids in need:


Thank You.


Nach vielen hektischen Emails, Chats und Mitteilungen am Freitag Abend sind wir sehr froh und erleichtert, Euch alle wichtigen Neuerungen zu unserem nächsten Event mitteilen zu können.

Wir haben ein neues Datum, deshalb auch ein neues Logo und sogar neue Partner, denn „unser“ Hotel hat neue Besitzer.

Bitte klickt auf die Event-Seite für unsere tollen, neuen Preise und Konditionen und findet heraus wie Ihr teilnehmen und/oder Kindern in Not helfen könnt:


Vielen Dank.

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