Frankfurt – Abu Dhabi – Kathmandu
Hard to believe, but yes, we did fit everything inside our Peugeot 206.
After a delightful afternoon with Mum, we were offered a lift to Frankfurt Airport, thanks Jörg!

Check-In and all security checks in FRA ran smoothly and so did our flight to Abu Dhabi…

Smooth and peaceful, apart from me waking up poor Carmen 3 times in the middle of the night, because I had coffee and tea… Oh, I really should have known better!

We landed in the Arab Emirates at 07:00 local time, after having experienced the most amazing sunrise above the ocean!

Abu Dhabi Airport, what an interesting, yet hectic place! If we had only been able to find the showers… But we were finally on our way to Nepal; and that was all that mattered!

We finally landed in Kathmandu at around 17:00 local time. Once again, thanks to Etihad Airways for sponsoring our extra luggage!
We quickly changed into some fresh clothes and had dinner at the Boys’ house (Possibilities House). WOW! That was great!
Now it is 21:30 and we are exhausted, tired but happy!

We are ready for whatever lies ahead of us during those coming 14 days, so stay tuned!