Nepal_Day 11

After breakfast we once again left Volunteer House to help the fabulous team
of “Curry without Worry” (Let’s re-build Nepal) in preparing a very healthy meal for the homeless.

Please check out their Website: Curry without Worry

We had a little trouble getting there though as – despite of being volunteers – we had to pay
the full tourist entrance fee of RS. 750.00 for “visiting” Durbar Square (we were just crossing it).
They did not accept our volunteer passes and even took them away from us until we payed!
This was ridiculous really! Oh, and so far the only time we were treated in such a negative and rude way!
I guess the wrong bunch of people were in charge today!!!
And don’t forget last week crossing the square caused no problems whatsoever!
After we finally arrived at our destination, we helped cleaning and cutting tons of vegetables and preparing puri (fried bread) whilst the specialists of the “curry-team” prepared the actual famous and in fact really delicious curry and hot sauce!
We even had the chance to have a go at frying the bread!
After lunch at our favorite café overlooking Durbar Square we did some more sightseeing – as YES we had paid for the tickets!
In sunligh this square is even more impressive than it was last Tuesday in the rain!
At 17:45 we were on stand-by for our dinner-serving appointment, but today the 200 homeless people were served by today’s meal-sponsors! Still some people recognized us from last week and once again the smiles and blessings we received were wonderful and heartfelt!
This charity truly rocks and we hope to re-join “Curry without Worry” during our next visit to Nepal in 2017!