Our LAST day of volunteering at SERC! 
As promised, here are a few details about the school and its structure:

SERC is a private school!

It was founded in September 2009.

110 kids, of which 45 are orphans.
9 classes = 9 assistents

30 staff-members

Therapies: sensory, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy

The kids handicaps include: Authism, Down syndrom, epilepcy, some are mentally retarted, earning disorder and cerebral palsy.

Those few days working at SERC taught us so much!
The dedication of the staff is mind-blowing…
And the kids?
I can’t find the correct words to describe what you feel,
when you see the love and trust in their eyes!
They are so giving!
Mind you, some of them are a true handful and YES,
you have to put your foot down to keep them in check; but hey,
they are kids and test their limits 😉


After we finished we were completely taken by surprise as we were presented with certificates,
good-bye-cards and beautiful necklaces, hand-made by the older girls!
We promised to wear them with pride! And YES, we will be back; hopefully with a few more learning-games
and therapy-materials!


Friends, in case any of you have learning-games lying around like Duplo, Fisher Price, big puzzles, Memory,…
please keep hold of them, so we can take them to Nepal…

Oh, SERC is on Facebook! Please LIKE them 🙂 Thank You!

“Special Education and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (SERC)” SERC Homepage

After our very emotional good-byes at SERC we took a taxi into Thamel to meet up
with our friend Cora for a drink before we collected our pre-ordered wood-work 🙂
I have no idea, where everything will be going, but Carmen says she has an idea… 😉

Oh, and we bought some really nice clothes, too!

What we can say: We feel absolutely safe here in Nepal! The people are great, really helpful
and they are grateful for everyone who is visiting their country!

And YES they do need us foreigners / tourists!
They honestly don’t know how to survive without the money from the outside coming in!

Oh, and we had a lovely and delicious dinner in Thamel last night!

We love the food here, it is amazing: A great combination of Indian and Asian cuisine!