Hello everybody!

Phew, 3 days to go… today and tomorrow left for work; a tight schedule!

This afternoon will be really tough; I will have to get our huge travel-bags down from the attack whilst poor Carmen will start packing them; wanna know a secret? She is faboulous at packing! She finds room, where noone else does 😉

By now we are getting pretty nervous… Hey, a long distance flight with a 4 hrs stop in Abu Dhabi…

My second outside-of-Europe-flight and Carmen’s very first. And a first time in Asia for both of us!

Our flight will leave Frankfurt on Thursday evening, so we will leave home after lunch to have coffee with my Ma; understandably our families are more concerned about our trip than we are… But I think we pretty much succeeded in calming them down; at least a little…. on the outside 🙂

Packing our beloved Peugeot 206 on Thursday morning – and getting everything inside – will be the toughest challenge for sure…

Our 2 large rolling trunks (160L & 135L), one big suicase, 3 very large bags and two backpacks!

But our “Little One” won’t let us down, I am sure 😉