In the morning we started our orientation, talking about possible placements. We narrowed our options down to EDUC, SERC and ASHA… Let’s see tomorrow where our journey will lead us!

We also got a full tour of the two remaining kids’ houses – Papa’s House (Harmony House) and Cila’s House (Sanctuary House) – and finally visited a photo studio, as we had to get passport pics for our volunteer-passes.

After learning some interesting facts about Nepal’s history & culture and a very delicious lunch (oh yes, Asian food tastes so much better and more authentic once enjoyed in Asia!) we visited Boudha Stupa, a truly stunning and impressive Buddhist temple here in Kathmandu; pity it rained like mad! The top of this temple was partly destroyed during the quakes, that is why the Stupa itself is currently closed to the public; but it is being re-build at the moment, as you might spot in our photos.

Afterwards we were taken on a bus-tour all around the capital. To be quite honest, we can’t decide wether we were more fascinated by the city or the “adventure public transport” itself?
Kathmandu feels like a beehive, so many people, cars, mini-buses and especially motorbikes!

And there are so many social differences to be spotted within the tiniest radius! And not all of them can be excused with the great tragedy: the quakes!!! But that being said, this truly goes for most major cities.

Huge office buildings, villas, traditional houses, little and big temples and so much tin-housing for the poor! And yes, those differences have been there BEFORE!

The quakes just made things so much worse! You still see “tent-parks” and some people still sleep outside, especially those who lost their homes! Even within the city you can spot areas of total destruction!

I am terribly sorry, but due to the rain and going by bus; I could not take any more pics… We will try to take them another time!

PS: Oh yes, it is the raining-season! So far, the Monsoon is an interesting experience indeed!