“Make Life Possible” for children orphaned, abandoned and rescued from child slavery in Nepal.

Try to catch this inspirational film about the founder and the extraordinary children of Nepal Orphans Home!

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SYNOPSIS Nepal is a difficult place to be a child. The people of Nepal have endured decades of political instability and thousands of children are displaced and living in desperate situations. Children sold into child slavery are as young as 6 years of age, others are neglected, abandoned, orphaned.

With freedom and a chance to dream… Leaders are born. Nestled in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal, there is a very special place where children are free for the first time. Filmed over the course of 7 years, “What It Takes To Be Extraordinary” shares the story of one inspirational man who is selflessly dedicating his life to educate, empower & care for impoverished children throughout Nepal, and the many stories of this extraordinary family of over 140 children… who are the future of Nepal.



Featuring Narration by Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary / Stargate SG-1 / The X-files / Sanctuary for Kids)
and Musical performances by Anwar Khurshid (Life of Pi / Kama Sutra / Sultans of String).

Featuring the Founder – Michael Hess –  and children of Nepal Orphans Home

Produced by Think Positive Productions Inc. + Buck Productions Inc.