After breakfast we left Volunteer House to help the fabulous men and women from “Curry without Worry”
(Let’s re-build Nepal) in preparing a very healthy meal for the homeless people to be served around 17:30 in Durbar Square! This private initiative happens every Tuesday!

Please check out their Website: Curry without Worry

To get there we took a micro-bus into town, we topped our last ride by 1… 23 people inside a Toyota mini-van.

After getting off the bus, it unfortunately started to rain and the roads became really slippery – oh yes, I (Bea) don’t only fall in Switzerland and France… today I added Nepal to my list!

Once we arrived, we helped cleaning and cutting tons of vegetables and preparing puri (fried bread) whilst the specialists of the “curry-team” prepared the actual famous and in fact really delicious curry and hot sauce!

After a sunny(!) lunch break in one of the cafes surrounding Darbar Square we did some sightseeing, including visiting the house of Kumari, the living goddess.

OMG this square is sooooo impressive; even in its current state! It truly takes ones breath away. The re-building has started, but THIS will take ages and it will never be the same!

This probably is the one place where everyone gets confronted with the destruction and the devastating power of the quakes, even those who don’t want to see or acknowledge the suffering all around Nepal!

And it started to pour down again, right in time for our dinner-serving appointment! We served around 200 homeless people. The smiles and blessings we received were wonderful and heartfelt!

This charity truly rocks and we hope to re-join them for the next “Curry without Worry” next Tuesday!