Blockade Update & Merry Christmas

Found this article on Nepal and the border blockade yesterday and decided it was worth sharing. Let’s hope this really works out and means, that the end of this ordeal for the people is near.

We are wishung all of you and your loved ones a Merry and Peaceful Christmas. May we all find some time to wind down, relax and reflect.

Thank You for all your Love and Support,

Carmen and Bea




Back online with an update from Nepal

Dear friends,

it feels wonderful to be back online after moving our website to its own webspace 🙂

It has been more complicated than we expected but after quite a few stressful evenings and lots of help and support from colleagues and friends, Carmen managed to get us up and running again last night, so well in time for Christmas, the New Year and… oh yes, let’s not forget….our upcoming fundraiser #BiathlonForS4K_3

Today we also received news from Nepal. Michael Hess from NOH gave us an update on the current situation regarding the border blockage and some future plans for the kids.

Here are a few excerpts from his Email, which left us both relieved but also quite alert of future developments; especially as news coverage reagarding the Indian-Nepalese border-conflict is practically non-existant (at least here in Germany).

“All is well here, we are getting ready for Christmas and the kids are happy.
The weather is cold and the electric often out, about 10 hours per day, cooking gas is almost non existent and we rely on electric rice cookers when the electric is accommodating, wood fires also when not.”

“We received word that Hope has been accepted at Shriners hospital in Boston USA, we are supposed to be there on the 14th.”

“Seven years ago a filmmaker started a documentary on NOH and finished it recently. The premier was yesterday evening in Toronto Canada. I have not heard any news yet from anyone, hopefully it all went okay.”

Please check out NOH’s own website for updates and ways to help Michael, his fabulous team and of course the kids.
And please keep in mind that NOH is known for helping those less fortunate, and believe us, we have seen this happening on numerous occasions…

Click here for Nepal Orphans Home

Last but not least Michael allowed us to share this beautiful #Christmas photo with you. We truly hope it will put smiles on your faces 🙂
From left to right: Kajul, Hope and Prity


Find the perfect gift with “Creativity for S4K”!


Still on the hunt for Christmas Gifts?

Stop worrying; we do have the perfect solution for you:

About one year ago our friend Janelle aka Smiley founded “Creativity for Sanctuary for Kids” to support “Sanctuary for Kids”.

One year later an International circle of friends is happy and ready to help YOU in finding or even creating the perfect gift for yourself and/or your loved ones whilst supporting kids in need.

You will find photographic prints, drawings, paintings, Disney sketches, jewellery…

What more can one ask for?

Click here to find out more: Creativity for Sanctuary for Kids


Sucht Ihr immernoch Weihnachtsgeschenke? Keine Panik, wir haben die Lösung:

Vor etwas mehr als einem Jahr hatte Janelle (Smiley) die großartige Idee kreative Freunde zusammen zu trommeln, unsere Kreationen online anzubieten und so gemeinsam Geld für “Sanctuary for Kids” zu sammeln.

Nun steht ein internationales Team bereit, um Euch bei der Suche nach dem perfekten Geschenk zu helfen, und dabei auch noch Gutes zu tun!

Bei uns findet Ihr Fotografien, Drucke, Bilder, Zeichnungen, Schmuck….

Mehr Infos? Einfach hier klicken: Creativity for Sanctuary for Kids

Updates from #SanctuaryForKids and #BackToLife

Dear friends,

please take the time to check out the updates on the #S4K website: #SanctuaryForKids


As some of you might know we are sponsors of #BackToLife’s birthouse projects in Nepal.


Please read their Christmas newsletter (only available in German). BackToLife_Weihnachten

But if you would like to learn more about this fabulous charity; please follow this link!



Liebe Freunde!

Es gibt jede Menge Updates auf der #S4K Webseite. Einfach hier klicken:

Sanctuary for Kids


Wie viele von Euch bereits wissen, sind wir Sponsoren der Geburtshaus-Projekte von #BackToLife in Nepal.

Hier geht es zum aktuellen Weihnachts-Newsletter: Back to Life_Weihnachten


Und hier findet Ihr mehr Infos zu diesem tollen Projekt, direkt hier auf unserer Seite: #BackToLife

First Snow of the Season!

Yes!!! ❄️ Finally!

Snow in the BlackForest!

Let’s hope for some more (and lasting) snow until the end of January for #BiathlonForS4K_3!

Even without more snow our event will take place, as the Biathlon arena itself is snow-safe!

But of course training “in the wild” is much more fun 😉

We so can’t wait to do this again! Please join and support us if you can! ThankYou ❤️

Click here for more info on #BiathlonForS4K_3






Endlich, der erste Schnee im Schwarzwald! Jetzt muss er nur noch bis Ende Januar liegenbleiben und/oder neuer Schnee dazukommen. Denn dann können wir auch außerhalb der Biathlon-Anlage die Landschaft unsicher machen…

Ende Januar ist es ja endlich wieder soweit: #BiathlonForS4K_3.

Und wir können es kaum erwarten…

Bitte macht mit und/oder unterstützt uns, wenn irgendwie möglich. Dankeschön ❤️

Hier gibt es alle Infos zu #BiathlonForS4K_3 (PS: Für die deutsche Version ganz nach unten scrollen.)

WOW… Time flies…

Has it really been 3 years, since we first started “Action For S4K” to support “Sanctuary for Kids” = Kids in need? Guess #Twitter is never mistaken 😉 Thank You friends for all Your love and support! #TimeFlies


Wie die Zeit vergeht… Laut Twitter feiern wir heute bereits unseren 3. Geburtstag. Zeit für ein dickes Dankeschön an all unsere Freunde!





#Paris – “nous crions”

Our hopes have just been destroyed as the Paris attacks have been classified as terrorist attacks.

So, let us state this “We believe that any kind of fanaticism – political or religious – coming from whatever direction or background is completely wrong and can’t be excused with personal believes. Fullstop!”

#Paris, we are with you!!!

Our deepest condolences to each and everyone affected!
Lots of love and support to those in charge of damage control and support on location!


New DEALS for #BiathlonForS4K_3


(1) We have negotiated with our hotel.

So, here is the brand new deal:

€ 90 per night and double-room (€45 per Person) including breakfast.

€ 57 per night and single-room including breakfast.

(We will be staying for two nights = Friday – Sunday.)

10% of these prices will be donated to #S4K = will be put into our collecting-tin by Ralph and Christiane, the owners of Hotel Gersbacher Hof. These two truly rock! Thank you, guys!



Wir haben neue Übernachtungskonditionen ausgehandelt:

Das Doppelzimmer für €90 pro Nacht (€45 pro Person) inklusive Frühstück.

Das Einzelzimmer für € 57 pro Nacht inklusive Frühstück.

(Wir bleiben 2 Nächte = Freitag bis Sonntag.)

NEU: 10% werden von Ralph und Christiane vom Hotel Gersbacher Hof an #S4K gespendet, will heißen, das Geld landet als Direktspende in unserer Spendenbüchse!

Ralph & Christiane, wir sagen DANKE für soviel Engagement und Einsatz!

unnamed_1(2) We also worked out a new deal with Rainer from the Nordic – Schule Notschrei

Here are the new conditions:

Like last year we pay €80 instead of €137 per person for the workshop & equipment!

BUT – unlike the years before – €10 per participant will be donated to #S4K = will be put into our collecting-tin!

WOW – Rainer, we are still speechless and terribly grateful for your generosity!!!

Thank You! You and your team are real stars and true friends!

unnamed_3Auch mit der Nordic-Schule haben wir telefoniert, hier die neue Regelung:

Wie letztes Mal auch, zahlen wir €80 statt €137 pro Person für Workshop und Equipment!

ABER: Zusätzlich landen €10 davon als #S4K Direkspende in unserer Dose!

WOW! Rainer, wir sind immernoch sprachlos wegen soviel Großzügigkeit!

DANKE, DANKE, DANKE! Dein Team und Du, Ihr seid der Knaller und wahre Freunde!



#Convention T’IMAGIN 2

We are thrilled to announce that Sophie (AdamaToulon) asked us to be on her team for this fabulous convention to support Sanctuary for Kids #S4K.

And YES, of course Carmen and I agreed to travel to Paris in March!
This will be my first time to work a stage in ages;
I so can’t wait to work “live” again! Yes, I guess I still am a theatre person on the inside 😉

And I really hope to get the chance to work on JCB’s concert on the Saturday-night as well 😉

Once a techie; always a techie!


This weekend will be EPIC and should not be missed:

#Convention T’Imagin 2
PARIS – 12-13 MARS 2016

Convention “Autour de la Science-Fiction”:

  • Q & A
  • Autographes
  • Photoshoot
  • Cosplay
  • VIP Dinner
  • Charity Concert

Avec des acteurs de la série Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactica.
Une vente aux enchères sera organisé au profit de Sanctuary For Kids, l’association d’Amanda Tapping.

Et bien d’autres surprises!

Please click here for more details : Convention T’IMAGIN 2

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