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About Us

The decision to stop talking and start moving back in 2012, was the starting signal for our support of “Sanctuary for Kids”.

And a few months later our reason to launch “Action for S4K!” 

With the support of our friends, Carmen and I organise fundraisers or take part in challenges to raise money for “Sanctuary for Kids”; helping them support those in need!

 “ACTION FOR S4K!” stands for :
“Having Fun by Doing Good” = Win / Win!

So, why not join in all the fun by taking part in our fundraisers, by sponsoring us or by following us online?
Every kind of support is very much appreciated! You will find details on where else to find us and on how to contact us if you scroll further down…

Let’s team up to make a change for those in need!


Bea Lang

Carmen Heeger


Can YOU get involved?
Yes, please! We are always on the lookout for new friends to join our team or other groups to team up with! And of course for new and crazy ideas, that we can perhaps turn into a new, exciting fundraiser! If you come up with something, please drop us a line.

How did we learn about “Sanctuary for Kids”?
Back in 2012 we watched a TV – series called “Sanctuary”.
We were fascinated and deeply inspired, once we learned that the creators of the show had decided to help children in crisis by founding their own charity, to show gratitude for the show’s success.
This is how “Sanctuary for Kids” was born, out of a wonderful grace of charity. After further online research, and having had the chance to meet Amanda Tapping – one of the founders – in person, it was an easy decision to support this charity.

What is “Sanctuary For Kids”?
Sanctuary For Kids is a not-for-profit organization (run entirely by volunteers) based in Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people around the world who need a home, education and protection. The funds raised are donated to the four existing charities they support in Canada and Nepal.

In addition S4K provides crisis funding for natural disaster emergencies around the globe. Children and young people are given love, protection, nutritious food, a good education and so much more. These charities are not only changing their lives but also the lives of those around them. If you would like to know more about Sanctuary For Kids, please visit their website where your will find further details on the individual charities they support and on their ongoing fundraising efforts.
To date Sanctuary For Kids supporters have raised more than $ 800,000.

Why do we support “Sanctuary for Kids”, a small, a privately run, independent, Canadian charity (that does not provide tax-deductible receipts)?
1.- Because small means little administrative expenses, that are even covered privately.

2. – Total indepence is extremely important during a humanitarian crisis; it enables to act fast and flexible. Financial help can be transferred easily and relief can be sent directly.
3.- Being privately run assures that matters are taken very seriously and absolute transparency is guaranteed.
3.- Canadian? Purely by chance, and we don’t see this as a problem whatsoever.
4.- Honestly, who needs tax-deductible receipts, when you can be sure, that your donation reaches those in need?
… BUT how can we claim, that our donations reach those in need? The answer is given in the next passage…

How can we be sure that our donations reach those in need?

For more than 8 years we had talked about volunteering in Nepal. In summer 2014 we decided it was finally time to stop talking but to start moving (and planning) instead. Our first aim was to help but of course we were also excited about getting to know some of the projects we were finacially supporting. In summer 2105 we spent 2,5 weeks in Kathmandu. After our return we are happy and relieved to say that our donations reach those who need them most and that the money is put to great use.
Please read our Nepal 2015 – section for more information on our trip.

How can you help us support “Sanctuary for Kids”?

By sharing this website and sponsoring our fundraisers. How to sponsor us? By clicking on Sanctuary for Kids (Donate), selecting our current fundraiser as “Designated Fund”*** and sending us a copy of the PayPal receipt. TY! 🍀 *** Not sure which option to select? Just drop us a line at “ActionForS4K@gmail.com”.

Charities / projects supported by “Sanctuary for Kids”:


Nepal Orphans Home. Please visit: “Nepal Orphans Home”

Asha Nepal. Please visit: “Asha Nepal”

Next Genaration Nepal. Please visit: “Next Generation Nepal”


Watari. Please visit: “Watari”

You will find more information on “Sanctuary for Kids” and the charities / projects they support in this document: 

Sanctuary for Kids.ENGLISH

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